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Videoclipe da banda Orange com a música "Revolution" (ALBUM OUT NOW), tema da abertura da série Generator Rex (Mutante Rex), série exibida pelo canal de tv Cartoon Network.

Orange music video for the song "Revolution" (ALBUM OUT NOW), the opening theme of the series Generator Rex (Mutante Rex) series shown by TV channel Cartoon Network.

Fonte: masterpatrickstar - Youtube Channel

White Knight | GeneratorRex Character's | Personagem Mutante Rex

The White Knight is the guy who calls the shots at Providence. He's usually pretty cranky, but as long as he doesn't cramp my style too much, I can tolerate him.

I don't think I've ever seen anybody as determined to get rid of EVOs as the White Knight. He seems really scared of coming into contact with nanites, too, like some kind of germaphobe. As far as I know, he never leaves that sanitized, high-tech room he uses for an office.

From: Channel Cartoon Network

Doctor Holiday | Noah | GeneratorRex Character's | Personagens Mutante Rex

Doctor Holiday is Providence's resident genius. She's an expert in just about every science, but her main focus is nanites, which means I'm her favorite test subject. Yeah, all the testing can be a pain, but if it helps me understand my abilities and figure out how I got them, then it's worth it.

Noah - When I need to get away from fighting freaky EVOs and find a nice dose normal, Noah's my guy.

He's a great friend whether we're playing basketball, going to the beach or just chilling out.

From: Channel Cartoon Network

Bobo Haha | GeneratorRex Character's | Personagem Mutante Rex

Bobo's the one who keeps things interesting around here. He's always ready to have a good time, especially if that includes talking down some bad guys. Sometimes Providence thinks Bobo's attitude might be a bad influence on me, but what else would you expect from a talking monkey?

Bobo's pretty handy in a fight. Of course, he usually tales a "shoot first, ask questions later" approach, but I know I can always count on him to cover my back.

From: Channel Cartoon Network

Agent Six | GeneratorRex Character's | Personagem Mutante Rex

Agent Six is sort of like a secret agent crossed with a ninja, except he's way deadlier. He's also sort of like a nanny, since Providence always makes him look after me (REX), but he hates it when I call him that.

Who knows how many types of combat he's trained in? I've watched him do things with swords that I've never even seen in kung fu flicks. I'm hoping he'll teach me a few of his moves one day.

Six bosses me around sometimes, but I guess that's his job. Overall, thought, he's pretty cool, even if he's not the most talkative dude I've ever met.

Rex | GeneratorRex Character's | Personagem Mutante Rex

My name's Rex.

I'm pretty much your average teenager.

Well, except I can turn my body into all kinds of awesome machines. Like, if I need to throw down with some big ugly EVOs, I can build giant boots on my feet, or if I need to get somewhere in a hurry, I can build a super-fast jetpack.

How did I get these incredible abilities?

Yeah, the same tiny machines that turn some people and animals into monsters called EVOs make me into a one-man wrecking crew.

Of course, I'm not always about smashing stuff. (Even thought Six would probably disagree with that.)

I can also use my nanites to communicate with and control other machines. That comes in really handy when I need to open locked doors or hack into security systems.

But probably the most important ability I have is I can sometimes cure EVOs. That's right! I can extract the corrupted nanites, turning an EVO monster back to normal.

Seeing as I'm pretty much the ultimate offense and defense in the battle against EVOs, Providence considers me their number one weapon. They're the organization that was founded to combat and control EVOs.

They try to keep me on a pretty tight leash - emphasis on the word "try," hehe. But they've also promise to help me learn about my past.

See, somehow I lost all my memories. I have no idea who I really am or where I came from. But I intend to find out.

And if I get to save the world from rampaging EVOs along the way, that's even better.

From: Channel Cartoon Network