The Rex Ride | Generator Rex Powers | Poderes Mutante Rex

It's nice having your own set of wheels.

Well, technically this ride doesn't have wheels, but you know what I mean.

It's lightning-fast and can turn on a dime, but it also brings the pain with a retractable battering ram that can smash through anything.

The Rex Ride can easily outrun anything on four legs, or in the case of this one EVO, seven legs.

But for some reason, the EVO thought it could get away. I caught up to it in no time, so it decided to stop and fight.

Big mistake.

I gunned the engine, brought uo the battering ram and knocked that EVO out cold.

From: Channel Cartoon Network

Punk Busters | Generator Rex Powers | Poderes Mutante Rex

Huge mechanical boots. Suitable for any occasion.

If a freight train could do roundhouse kicks, that's what getting hit with these would feel like.

Ever hear the expression, "What a mile in my shoes"?

Well, with these babies, I can cover that in just a couple of leaps.

On this one mission, I was on top of a skyscraper when I spotted the big, ugly EVO we were looking for.

I jumped off the building and landed on that creep with both Punk Busters, hard enough to leave a crater.

They say any landing you can walk away from is a good one. Wee, it was a good landing for me; not so much for the EVO.

From: Channel Cartoon Network

Smackhands | Generator Rex Powers | Poderes Mutante Rex

These giant robotic arms are great for getting up close and personal.

They can smash or lift heavy stuff or spin like super-charged drills.

Sometimes Providence likes to use negotiation or diplomacy, but I'd rather let these guys do the talking.

I remember when this huge EVO was smashing its way through the city. That monster thought it was the baddest thing on the block, until I hit the scene with my Smackhands.

After a quick round of uppercuts to the face, that EVO was down for the count.

From: Channel Cartoon Network

Boogie Pack | Generator Rex Powers | Poderes Mutante Rex

When it's time to boogie out of a place, or I just need a little extra mobility, this high-flying jetpack does the job.

If I'm flying around and I need to bring down a bad guy, I can launch the twin turbines at them like a super-sized bola.

When I was after this flying EVO, I was having to push the Boogie Pack as hard as I could just to keep up.

If that monster got away, we'd never find it again, so I had to stop it fast.

I knew I only had one shot, so I sized it up, lauched the turbines, and...bull's-eye! That EVO was grounded for good.

From: Channel Cartoon Network

The B.F.S. | Generator Rex Powers | Poderes Mutante Rex

There are times when only a really, really big sword will do.

Those are some of my favorite times.

If there's anything scarier than a giant sword, it's a giant chainsaw. Luckly, this weapon does both.

One time a bunch of creepy little EVOs barricaded themselves in an abandoned building.

They filled the doorway with so much junk, it was impossible to get through. But once I showed up with The BFS, I sliced right through it like a hot knife through butter.

After I got inside, all I had to do was rev the chainsaw, and those little punks surrendered.

From: Channel Cartoon Network

Slam Cannon | Generator Rex Powers | Poderes Mutante Rex

This massive projectile laucher is perfect for when I've gotta have some real firepower.

Need ammo? No problem!

This baby can just grab a hunk of rock, metal or whatever and send it flying.

On times there was this nasty EVO holed up in a parking deck. He had us pinned down with these crazy energy blasts.

So I fired up the Slam Cannon and launched a few chunks of concrete into the parking deck's support beams.

That really brought down the house - and the EVO along with it!

From: Channel Cartoon Network