Circe | Generator Rex Character's | Personagem Mutante Rex

Circe's a lot like me. She looks like a normal teenager until she starts using her abilities. But once she unleashes her sonic scream, she's a real powerhouse.

She works for Van Kleiss, but I can tell she doesn't always agree with his methods. Problem is, she feels like too much of an outsider in the real world and thinks Van Kleis and The Pack are the only ones who'll accept her. I don't know if I'll ever convince her to join the good guys, but I'll keep trying.

From: Channel Cartoon Network


Anonymous said...

Oh Really? Well then Rex, i Suppose you have a blood Relative. Seru. He's a monster, And He Resembles Cell; from DBZ. But Blue he's after you to absorb you whole.

dylan said...

você pode colocar uma imagem dela transformada