Van Kleiss | GeneratorRex Character's | Personagem Mutante Rex

You know the brilliant but deranged mad scientists you see in the movies?
That's Van Kleiss, only he's a lot freakier and more dangerous. His body's unstable, so he needs a constant supply of fresh nanites to survive. He gets that supply from EVOs he captures and experiments on.

He rules a kingdom called Abysus, and inside the borders, he can control the whole environment - trees, earth, you name it. This is one guy you definitely don't want to tackle on his own turf.
But as powerful as Van Kleiss is when he's in Abysus, he crashes hard if he ever leaves his native soil.

Van Kleiss knows a lot of secrets: secrets about the nanites, and secrets about me. He claims to know all about my past and how I got my abilities. I'm determined to find answers somehow, but I'm not sure if I could ever make a deal with a creep like Van Kleiss.

From: Channel Cartoon Network

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